Woven in the Wrong Stitch

Woven in the Wrong Stitch

A poem about illuminating the darkness

By: Kate Kay

Published on Harness Magazine, 2017

And all of these things? They have created space. Allowed me to fill the darkness with better. Trusting that everything I once grasp too tightly to was just woven in the wrong stitch. While I unthread to remake, I remember the new space I'm creating between my finger tips. The way the openness feels in the morning, like you can take on the world. It's the same vast feeling that practically swallows you whole by night time.It's the power you feed into darling, don't you know?When the light illuminates the darkness it doesn't happen immediately. It trickles in, covering all the dark spaces with color. Slowly the colors unravel in the morning sky and you can not only feel, but sense the power.Light always wins, just keep looking for the small threads of light woven in the darkness, the rest will trickle in. 

Artistically Insane

Weave your dreams into reality,
Use your healing modalities. 
Rising to the best version, 
Better off making the conversion.
Words come fluid out like rain,
Sometimes it's the only way to get out of my brain. 
Move to release the rusty chain,
Be free and artistically insane.
Crazy and changing without a doubt
Your dreams can be sought out.



Love letters, he knows me better. The energy between us is far unseen but now I know the feeling fiend. To feel connected on a soul level, the one you look to when life's disheveled- to pick you up when you are down, and share the good times when you wear the crown. Knowing that the truth is here, always has been no need to mirror, past lessons of growth comes lighting within, I love the way you make my heart spin.



Itching to wander. Leave and explore. Leaving all my attachments on the bedroom floor. Undressing the thoughts of feeling stuck, removing the layers that feel heavy and yuck. Releasing the negative to make way for new. Having courage to leave the thing you stuck like glue. Breathing into the tight spaces, let go as your heart chases... the things that you crave most. Adventure and unknown both.

Home is


Home is where the heart is, when your mind is still asleep. Home is where my heart lies, the patter making the tiniest peep. Home is how my heart feels grounded because of you. Thank you for being all of that and more, my soul always knew.

Ocean Dreams


Lotus pose with sand in my toes, 
A dream to manifest, everyone knows. 
Sand in my hair and sun on my face,
This is the life I dream to chase. 
Each move towards the overall goal,
The life I wish will relinquish my soul.
#Magick and happiness everywhere,
Wishing these dreams right out of thin air.
Loving the hard parts along the way, 
Each of these will make it much easier to stay. 
Island life is the one for me,
It's all it's ever been...Now, do you see?



Becoming my own muse
The canvas, the artist, the medium of self expression. The creator, cultivator, and the way I release tension. Allowing myself to be all I can be, striving to wear all the hats on my own can't you see? This artistic way is the road for me, allowing me to feel centered as a tree could be. Showing my heart through art, creating with my soul is my only goal. Sitting down to expand on my words after fact, knowing my poems are all my desires intact.



The way I remember every part of you, 
Is something special I just can't undo.
I feel deeply for the reason why I tried, 
It comes to a point where I can only wonder why. 
Taking the long road to figure things out,
Learning and evolving without a doubt. 
Slow and steady as the layers unravel,
Being with you is like a trip constantly traveled.
I'm forever blessed for the way we became whole,
Growing with you is my only goal.



Consciously raising my vibration,
Trusting the messages of full filtration.
Weeding out the old paradigm
Stepping into light as I rise this time,
My power is full in tow,
The goodness we cannot stow. 
It seeps from every cell of our being,
This #magick we've only just started seeing.



I am strong enough. 
I am powerful enough. 
I am happy and that's enough. 
I am enough just as I am right in this moment. Nothing more, nothing less. Just slowly allowing the layers to unravel and my heart to expand. That will always be enough

I will rise


I will rise. My heart full of thorns and still giving. My energy misused and stolen but still thriving. My messages faint, but still receiving. In the hardest of times is where we find the most truth. Wisdom comes pouring out like molten lava covering every inch of what you thought you knew. Retracing your steps with transformation. Ending your journey with growth.

Out of darkness, only light can come


Fierce and mighty, Capable and strong. 

With the ability to go where no other woman has gone.

Navigational Star


My Life is filled with magical situations and intense interpretations. I am ever blessed for the gifts that the universe has bestowed upon me, I always thank her for my gifts before I receive. The beauty around this earth is power, never stop re-creating your magical tower. Feeling more myself each moment, make your life divine and own it. Words and web's and dreams together, conquer the storm no matter the weather. Becoming stronger with each day, not putting up with anyone's undeserving stay. You're a goddess in this life and others, stand strong and empower the mothers, you were meant for much more than you've seen so far, look up and follow your navigational star.

It's always been you



Some days I'm more Wild then the flowers native to that field. You know, the one we drove past smoking in our high school days? The same fields you refused to stop at then so I could snap pictures, I bet you'd still refuse to stop at now. You don't see beauty in the world the way I do, why am I so stuck on teaching an old way of thought new? Maybe it's the way you ignited my soul the first time our lips touched in the backseat of your Jetta in your parents driveway. It was way past my curfew but I didn't care, being with you was like old wine, good to the last drop. I hadn't tasted anything quite so satisfying yet and I wasn't ready to let go of the sleeping endorphins you awakened from the depths of my soul. You, since the moment I saw you, You since the moment we touched, it's always been. You.

Mountain touch



The mountains she had to move made her fierce. With a softness to her touch, but fire in her soul. Each challenge brought her a new sense of courage and awareness. The fog clears and you begin to redirect yourself to navigate the road. Getting a little clearer now, you begin to walk courageously on. A little stronger with each step, a little more passion in each moment, and excitement to flutter your wings. Life is what you make it.

Wild flowers



More wild then the flowers in the field, leading with your anahata love shield. Spreading more light then the first mornings dawn, not stopping until everything negative is gone. Embracing the layers to unravel for better, not knowing why some things I energetically sever. Knowing that living my truth will inspire the collective, leading from my heart and changing perspectives. Allowing everyone to grow into their own, all of our powers will become well known.

Profound Magic


Rainbow energy all around
I feel the magic, it's so profound.
The clarity this creates for me,
These blessings range as far as I can see. 
Wisdom comes pouring in,
Listen to the earth-it's no sin.
In that moment time stops,
Much like reaching mountain tops.
When you start to open your eyes,
Messages come guided from the skies.
Everything around is a gift,
Be thankful- as good fortune can always drift.



Redirection in the wildest sense


Change is necessary.
So is routine. 

Can't you see that life's greatest gifts come from both. 
Growth comes from all areas of your life, it's about balance. Holding on, letting go. Learning from mistakes, making them again. Grief from said mistake. Realization that it's actually not a mistake at all, but misdirection. The entire experience was here to redirect you to something better, higher. Redirection in its wildest sense.

Redirection is necessary. 

To your wildest sense.