Some days I'm more Wild then the flowers native to that field. You know, the one we drove past smoking in our high school days? The same fields you refused to stop at then so I could snap pictures, I bet you'd still refuse to stop at now. You don't see beauty in the world the way I do, why am I so stuck on teaching an old way of thought new? Maybe it's the way you ignited my soul the first time our lips touched in the backseat of your Jetta in your parents driveway. It was way past my curfew but I didn't care, being with you was like old wine, good to the last drop. I hadn't tasted anything quite so satisfying yet and I wasn't ready to let go of the sleeping endorphins you awakened from the depths of my soul. You, since the moment I saw you, You since the moment we touched, it's always been. You.