"Practice and all is coming." -K. Pattabhi Jois

I am Kate Kay,

an intuitive yoga retreat leader, travel blogger, photographer, influencer & content creator based out of Denver, Colorado. I am the owner of Yogi Magick LLC - an inspiring collective that was born in 2017. We lead local yoga events and now travel to destinations to host healing workshops, classes, trainings and yoga retreats in alignment with YM’s standards.

I was certified for Vinyasa/Hatha through Yogacara Global on the Big Island of Hawaii in 2015. This is the exact time in my life when I realized my dharma (life purpose). My goal while sharing my own practice is to teach my students how to connect with their innate wisdom, allowing ones intuition to guide movements to what their body needs most to heal.

I am inspired by all things and seek to find art in everything. I am a poet, writer and lifestyle blogger who can lose herself in a book paired with hot tea. I find bliss while floating on my back in the middle of the ocean feeling infinitely aligned with spirit, surfboard or not. You can find me at my happiest when I'm traveling in a new place with my camera around my neck and sun on my face. After yoga, of course. 


It all started when...

I walked into my first yoga class. I had previously thought that it would come easy to me since I had a competitive dance background. Oh, was I wrong. What I didn't know then was that yoga is a process. Each layer you peel away reveals pathways to discover a deeper part of yourself. This is what kept me coming back for more. Looking for new ways to connect with my mind, body, and spirit. As I dove deeper into this self practice, I began to become inspired by inversions. Handstands, headstands, forearms... It didn't matter what it was as long as it was upside down I aspired to get there. What I didn't know at the beginning of this love story with yoga was that it would change the way I looked at the entire world. From the way I related to others to who I chose to spend my time with, this practice inspired me to begin to get to know myself, for myself. That is why I continue to share my authentic truth through online platforms and in class, in hopes to inspire others to find their own way, too.