the WOMByn Empowerment Yoga Retreat for 2018


We all need a weekend to relax…

 Are you constantly on the go?

Doing things for others?

Putting others needs before yourself? 

As humans it is in our nature to be receptive to the needs of others but how often does that translate to taking care of ourselves first? 

Deepen your relationship yourself  and

honor your highest potential by doing so. 


This retreat includes a beautiful room at a newly renovated winery with a hot tub in each room! We have our own private chef cooking us vegan organic meals, an Art Therapy offering, journaling, twice daily yoga, meditations, live music, a nature walk & a Self Empowerment Workshop!

We can’t wait to cultivate this sacred space with you!

As a continued devotion to the Inner Goddess within each of us, Yogi Magick will lead this retreat yearly in a slightly different way - but the intention will stay.

1.0 - WOMByn Empowerment Yoga Retreat : 8/18/18

Stay Tuned For New Offerings for

Yogi Magick Retreats for 2019 & 2020



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