A journal entry I was asked to write during my first day at YTT with YogaCara Global. 



Why do you want to teach yoga? 

I want to BE THE CHANGE. To inspire others to be the best version of themselves. TO teach our younger generations knowledge that will instill life lessons for our collective greater good. To empower others so they say...HEY! Because of *YOU*, I DIDNT give up! To show others how capable they are. To allow students a safe place of solitude, to totally connect with each other and with their inner soul purpose. To enable, enhance and continue to manifest greater good in everything.

I remember Shioban Keely, my Asana yogacara teacher trainer at Kalani, telling us that the answer to this question would change many times over our teaching career. It would expand, eventually mirroring the ebb/flow of your teaching style and intention. Curious to see the changes, and the similarities, I answered this question before I read through my first answer written a year ago. 


Why do I want to teach yoga?

 To inspire each person who steps on their mat, to empower from within, and allow my students to find new strength and balance on/off the mat. I wish to give troubled individuals positive tools to replace addictions, or negative habits with positive practices. I am guided to share these practices with the delicate minds of our future generations, and plant seeds of positive intentions in the hearts and minds of our youth. To be the powerful change I wish to see in the world. To facilitate healing on all levels, to every individual. Allowing tribal dance, guided movement and pranic force to be ever-changing throughout each of my classes. 


I really love the symmetry and balance of these posts. A year later, still on the same path, with the same collective ideals. I know that my journey will be an ever flowing path full of light and love. I know that the seeds I am planting in the universe during each class, will blossom and bloom -- overflowing the world with good intentions. This path is mine to trek. it's mine to dance from one star to the next. 


Why do I teach Yoga?

As someone who hasn’t taught a weekly class in over six months, teaching for me has become a journey back to the self. Spirit is deeply urging me to connect with my own practice, re-establish a self discipline for many areas of my life to support my best self. I have been pushed to pause sharing my energy in a class setting and focus inward on giving it back to myself. By leading retreats and workshops, I am able to share what spirit is guiding me to - but also give back to myself in the manner I need most in this moment.

I teach yoga to continue follow the journey back home to myself, sharing and inspiring the world along the way.