Titibasana, one of my favorite poses. 

One of those Asanas where you need your full wrist mobility and elbow strength to practice. Something that after my car accident in July I hadn't experienced.  It is November, four months of not being able to practice something I loved that had became a daily routine. It wasn't only a daily arm balance practice, but 15 minute morning handstand training and 4x weekly AcroYoga practice.  Patience is a virtue, and this time away from training has proved to be teaching me hard lessons of strength, patience, resilience and the importance of family. As I do my wrist strengthening and mobility exercises, I caught myself looking longingly at this beautiful photo and part of me doesn't even believe this is me. 

How ridiculous that I haven't posted this photo to social media because I can get into this pose deeper. I catch myself being self critical at times and my full extension in this pose wasn't captured, so I wanted to wait.... & now that I have to wait, I want nothing more then to appreciate the place my body was at this sunrise shoot THEN. After flying for 16hours, meeting Jewels at the airport who arrived from Maui, the long awaited goddess adventure had begun. First stop was Thai Food (naturally) and our first song on the island was the Work, Work, Work, Work, Work ~ ultimate girl power song. Fitting, really.  Energy exploded out of our hearts as we drove through quiet, dark, windy towns until we finally came upon the hidden Hawaiian street without a name. With excitement and butterflies in our stomach, the car brights on and kind of gunning the gas because... Well,  have you ever drove on Hawaiian unpaved roads? You have to gun it. We drove through the windy road for miles, equally curious as to what everything will look like when we wake up, I slam on my breaks + shriek. GIANT MOVING SHADOWS! WTF! "oh it's a family of pigs!!!! Yes!"  Animal totem vibes and Pele welcoming us. Laughing our asses off at this point because we were equally borderline terrified so now it's fucking hilarious.

 The perfect beginning.

Making tea while falling in love with the cutest air bnb ever, we make sure to wake up for sunrise. Walking outside to the fruit farm, following the trails to the acres of organic, fresh fruit. We have open range to forage our citrus breakfast. Life on the farm with my adventure partner, Jewels. The sun shining down on us, a cute kitty greeting us, beautiful scenery and every fruit you can imagine. Things you probably can't even imagine. Astounded when I realized a pineapple grows in the middle of a bush! Mind.Blown. Papaya, orange trees, clementine trees, coffee beans, kale and macadamia nuts. Plus a plethora of more that weren't ripe and that I couldn't in my wildest dreams guess. This trip is powerful, I can feel the magick infusing every single moment. Brewing fresh coffee and driving to a little beach nook that I fell in love with last time I visit. As we arrived to shoot for yoga, feeling stiff, sleepy but extremely happy Even without a normal morning practice, something out of the ordinary to just hop into poses. But we had things to do, like snorkeling and hiking. The trip had just begun. 

Looking back it only makes sense that I wasn't fully open in this posture. It being the morning after traveling & not practicing. Six months ago this photo wasn't "good enough" for me.... and now I love everything about it. I am proud of my working and able body that was able to rock this pose on uneven, slippery and sharp rocks. Bad Ass. 

At the end of the day, I am thankful for my perfectionist tendencies, as they help me strive to constantly challenge myself. But I am also grateful that I have a new understanding to appreciate where my body is without hesitation. This quote by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois relates to more then just physical asana. I understand this message on a whole new level. Practice honoring exactly where you are, without being attached to an outcome. You are perfect in every moment. 

"Practice and all is coming." -Sri K. Pattabhi Jois