At the end of the day, yoga is only a tool we can use to facilitate healing. And only as much healing as we allow ourselves to feel at the time. You could be a yogi like I was, and use yoga as a crutch to get over everything. Then one day when an injury causes a major halt in your asana practice and you can’t flow through your feelings, your healing stops. Life gets the better of you. You can still practice mindfulness but it doesn’t have the same affect as a sweaty, hard vinyasa practice.. for the time being at least. You see, when I believed everything was falling down around me and the car accident was the original domino that caused the downfall, the universe was actually aiding in my growth. It was taking away the things I used to get over problems and forcing me to "sit with the shit” so to speak. During this time I found my love of art again, and how healing creating art with colors may be. I rekindled my love for creating self portrait photography, bike riding and drawing. At first I was discouraged because I HAD to use my self timer and tripod. But now, I see how being forced to come back to the basics for me in self healing has strengthened my roots to withstand stronger storms. Even though I've known this entire time... the fact that I've been growing, its been hard to visualize. But by creating art and honoring the exact moment I'm in now I can stand back against the wind  and smile as I don't have to take as quick of cover. Mindful Resilience.