You are a magick maker in this world… Didn’t they tell you? You are made for far more things then just ordinary sunflowers my dear. You are here to inspire the collective by awakening the sleeping parts of humans. The everyday interactions you experience are something far more inspiring then any muggle could debate. The way the sky excites you or how when the wind brushes your cheek you innately know that spirit is speaking. Your made to listen to the inner parts of spriti without hesitation and lift others up as your find your way. Bring them back to the path of least resistance. You are a powerful force of nature in this grand scheme of universal plan. You are meant to move these mountains. YOU are meant to focus your awareness on what things you want to expand, nothing less. 


Couldn’t you guess? All the times you guessed something before it happened or allowed something deep within to guide your decisions. You are a powerful human. You are made of nebulas, cosmically creating your biggest dreams into existence.