Sometimes when the moon rises, my wild comes out. I’m still learning to embrace my wild instead of suppress her as society expects. Let the creative energy soak not settle, stir not stand still. Feel everything fully. I’m making some really big changes in my everyday life that take an intense amount willpower.

I need routine, meditation, plant based lifestyle. I want to dance more and think less. Feel through my heart and let go fears. As I continue working through this limitless lifestyle, I feel all parts of my old life trying to pull me back. I am making space between people, places, opportunities and experiences to only let those meant for my highest + greatest good stay. I know that by letting go of my necessity to order a drink every single time I go out... I will be rewiring my brain. I know by consciously choosing to drink hot lemon water before coffee every morning that I am making a healthier choice. I know by making space for twice daily meditation, I am creating pathways. I've chosen to release any preconceived notions or expectations for any experience. Spirit creates anything greater then I could ever imagine, so just lay back and let the universe provide for you. Know that you are deserving of abundance and consciously be open to receive what is meant for you. You must consciously make the decision to make space. 


Let. Go. To. Let. Rise