Imagine if we could fly with broken wings, imagine if the heart could shed it's skin. These are the lyrics that as I sat down to collect my thoughts on how Aerial Yoga has impacted me most since training, belted out of the speaker and they hold true. Aerial Yoga has peeled layers off of a heavy past when I didn't think I had time to feel. It has a way of uncovering pieces of you that you may have hidden away for a rainy day not realizing that day is today. Impacting my practice during the beginning of the Aerial YTT week, I realized there is no better time then now. 

I've been traveling a lot this year and one thing I'm really good at while traveling is being in the present moment. Letting go of anything except what is directly in front of me. Not allowing anything in my past affect my present moment. (for the most part anyways) In the moment I'm describing It's late March. I have stayed in air bnb beds more then my own this year. With traveling to new places comes lingering hidden hurt that I don't want to make "time" for. Things that may have happened before my travels or in between don't take precedence when I explore. They they the back road.

But there's no running from cocoon in aerial yoga. You can't hide from yourself when your that close to your truth. You can no longer tune out but inward as you expand and create a different variation of truth vibrating through your bones. It was in cocoon when I finally opened myself up to feel fully and was in the position to give my hardest truths the biggest hug. When my spine was on the earth and my feet lifted in the silk, I surrendered again. This moment it was letting go of heavy residual feelings and exploring healing. In yoga class I can get lost in the fast paced movement but with Aerial you have to feel through every part of yourself to explore the practice itself. Authenticity doesn't hide trauma it encourages it to peel the layer off of it to explore new depths of healing.