& No, I'm not talking about crystals. To actually love every different part of yourself. Weather it be the Saturday night woman with a full face of makeup dancing at a club embracing the true fashionista side of herself or the girl in pigtails who listens to rap on her way to meditate in yoga the next morning. It is okay to embrace different parts of yourself simultaneously.

This is one reason why I never was too keen on labels. 

In high school I had several different styles that accompanied different times in my life, moods I was in and ways I want to express myself. That has never changed, I still find myself at 26 choosing between thrift store style or my Nordstrom's outfits. My closet is full of everything. I have really cute, high fashion dresses + rompers, festival and bohemian style clothing, thrift store finds ++ I have a knack for falling in love with sustainable fashion brands. Some days I wear all black and use eyeliner. Other days I get in my traveler mood, wearing nothing but Minnetonka moccasins and refusing shampoo for days. I embrace whatever I'm feeling fully weather it be fancy or funky. Comfy or creative.  These are all the creative parts of me that make me authentic. 

 Different parts of yourself don't have to be just style. I have friends who interchange yoga and boxing classes on Saturday mornings. Ones who pick and choose what they eat based off what they feel that month. Have tequila at 11pm and wheatgrass at 11am. Its BALANCE and being human. Listen to what you are curious about, new activities can reveal hidden talents, new lifestyle changes can create positive impacts on wellness. Listen to your body, listen to your mood. Don't inhibit your experience by trying to stay in a ridge way of life, that has never been too fulfilling.. has it.