The books I find the most fascinating are ones that describe the in-depth change happening deep within my psyche. The change you feel in your bones, the tingling on your palms and the subtle way the wind whispers messages in your ear. Intuition is in our nature. As beings we came from source. When we align with source, our intuition is heightened, our messages clear and our physical disturbances often until we step into that consciousness. Over the past few years I have been shedding layers. Masks covering me, first by family, then school, church, society... I have been releasing old patterns and allowing my spirit to decide whats best for me instead of through validation found within impactful situations. These masks have shunned me from my true self, the highest potential that my being has the opportunity to exists at. But not any more. I am understanding more each day how by speaking my truth I send ripple effects across the universe. Waking up gifts hidden deep within the napping minds of humans whom my words resonate with. I'm understanding that as gentle as I wish to be my opinion will always offend the sleeping. The passionate way I lead my life will spark courage in the hearts of others around me that wish to awaken. By having courage to share, I have the ability to inspire. There is a deep calling waiting to be awakened within all of us. Our innate intuition is inching closer to our parallel lives as we guide ourselves to make ripples across the universal truth. 

The next paragraph is taken directly from one of my favorite books. Deeply impacting my insight, Women Who Run Wild With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

It symbolizes a form of empathic magic between a woman and her intuition. This is the thing that must be handed down from woman to woman, this blessed binding, testing, and feeding of intuition. We strengthen our bond with our intuitive nature by listening inwardly at every turn in the road. "Should I go this way, or this way? Should I stay or go? Should I resist or be flexible? Should I run away or toward? Is this person, event, venture true or false?

The breaking of a bond between a woman and her wildest intuition is often misunderstood as the intuition itself being broken. This is not the fact. It is not the intuition which is broken, but rather the matrilineal blessing on intuition, the handing down of intuitive reliance between a woman and all females of her lines who have gone before her. It is that long river of women that have seen damned. A women's grasp of her intuitive wisdom may be weak as a result, but with exercise will come back and become fully manifested.

...receptivity as in possessing immediate access to a profound wisdom that reaches down into women's very bones. 

Women Who Run Wild With the Wolves
Myths & Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype
Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.


Happy International Women's Day

Follow your intuition.. it is guiding you for a reason.